Susan Horowitz


Practice Name: Susan Horowitz, LCSW


Phone: 973-762-5366


Office Address: 1 Lenox Place, Maplewood, NJ 07040

About: Hi. My name is Susan Horowitz, and I have been a family therapist for over twenty years. I am also a mediator and collaborative practitioner. No one plans for divorce. Contemplating the end of your marriage can be a stressful time in your life. Ending your marriage is an important decision. I would like to help your with your decision (or, perhaps that decision has been made for you), to either explore the end of your marriage, or to end your marriage with dignity. I will work with you and your spouse, and your attorneys, to select a divorce process that will have the least negative impact on your children. I will help you transition from a relationship bonded by marriage to a relationship bonded by healthy co-parenting, thus providing your children with the best of a two-household parenting relationship. Together, and in consultation with your attorneys, we will discuss issues of custody and parenting time, and develop a Parenting Plan that will become a part of your divorce settlement. During this process you will gain skills in effective communication and positive parental decision making, which were often stressors in the marriage. I will work with you and your spouse throughout the divorce process to help guarantee that the needs of your children remain front and center. I will remain available to work with you post-divorce on any future co-parenting issues. I look forward to working with you.

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