Debra Forman


Practice Name: Debra S. Forman, Esq.


Phone: (609) 397-9333


Office Address: 1 Quarry St., Lambertville, NJ 08530

About:  I have had my own law practice in Lambertville, NJ since 1994. My focus is to try to get my clients through a difficult time in their life and protect their interests, while trying to make sure they retain a relationship with their former spouse for the sake of the children. I tell all clients that the longer they fight, the only one that wins is the lawyer - its expensive to fight and extremely detrimental to the children. Collaborative Divorce is the only method I have found in keeping with my principles in a divorce to allow both parties to effectively communicate, work out their issues and be able to remain civil, for the sake of the children. It's cheaper and can offer more creative and lasting solutions in divorce. The spouses retain control of their divorce and future.


Anna Tselevich

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