Corinne M. DeStefano

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Practice Name: Corinne M. DeStefano, Esq., LLC


Phone: 973-377-2066


Office Address: 265 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Madison, NJ 07940

About:  Couples facing separation and divorce encounter many challenges, especially when children are involved. Parents must resolve important issues with significant thought to the after-effects. I help people resolve their disputes while keeping their personal and economic dignity intact. Collaborative Law is an alternative dispute resolution process that combines the benefits of mediation with the security of representation by an attorney. Using the resources available to the collaborative practitioner we can achieve lasting settlements with less stress and conflict for all of the parties, including the children.
The Collaborative Process is an alternate means for people to respectfully resolve disputes, particularly in divorce and family law. Unlike litigation, the Collaborative Process is private, cooperative and efficient. It reduces stress and results in client-directed solutions. Clients work to resolve their concerns outside of court with the help of a team of collaboratively trained attorneys and other professionals in a manner similar to mediation.
I have dedicated our practice to helping individuals in crisis to restructure their families as opposed to destroying them. By valuing the family unit, we encourage clients to pay close attention to not only the economic cost of divorce, but also non-economic/relational costs. I have over 35 years of experience in family law and provide a high level of legal representation to my clients. Each situation is unique and I strive to tailor each settlement to you and your family's needs.


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